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We were involved in Fintech and Data Science since the early 2000s when big data wasn't even on the horizon. Most institutions at that time were wary of trusting predictive models for core operational business processes and strategic decision-making. We have witnessed the acute shortage of Data Scientists in our sectors firsthand and have found the solution to be scaling existing Business Analysts and Data Science teams with automated machine learning. The merger of our sector-specific experience and automated machine learning have allowed us to simplify your entry to machine learning cost effectively. 


In 2020 we will see a tremendous increase in demand for machine learning models. The acute shortage of data scientists has resulted in novel solutions to enable automated machine learning. Data Vector AI is your main partner to help you accelerate your data preparation, integration and model automation tasks so you can deploy accurate models quickly. We work with your Business Analysts and Executives to ensure your predictive decisions are made using the most accurate algorithm for your use case.


DataVector AI is a global AI company focused on helping innovative companies accelerate the pace at which they deploy Machine Learning (ML) models to real business use cases. Our philosophy is to use ML automation throughout the Data Science lifecycle form Data Ingestion and Tagging > Data Preparation > Model Building and Deployment. Our automated ML data platform accelerates model deployment by 600% - 1000% on average. Contact us for deployed use cases showing actual Return on Investment (ROI).




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