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Automated Machine Learning Platform

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Our platform risk scores suppliers' ability to quickly recover from cyber and logistics impacting events that help our clients quickly identify alternative sources of supply before their competitors.


Because of the cyber and logistics impacts of COVID to the supply chain, board-level executives now have cyber and logistics risks on their board meeting agendas. Also, C-level executives are leading Disaster Recovery programs and have near carte blanche access to allocate resources to allow for quick action for both logistics and cyber supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic. Our platform automatically risk scores all suppliers in your network by their ability to quickly recover their cyber and logistics systems in response to either a cyber or logistics disruption.


DataVector AI is a global AI company focused on helping innovative companies accelerate the pace at which they deploy Machine Learning (ML) models to strategic use cases. Our philosophy is to use ML automation throughout the Data Science lifecycle form Data Ingestion and Tagging > Data Preparation > Model Building and Deployment. Our automated ML data platform identifies risks in the Supply Chain through real-time model retraining with inputs directly collected from tier 1 and 2 suppliers.


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